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  I grew up in a small town in the southwest corner of Iowa.  I lived in a charming bungalow.  My bedroom was upstairs, and had a wall lined with windows.  As a very young child, I remember one of my favorite pastimes was looking at the bedding in the JCPenny catalog.  I wasn't a big fan of the Holly Hobbie bedspread that my mother had made, and longed for the rainbow heart pattern in the JCPenny catalog.  I shared the large bedroom with two other sisters, and further decorated the room in my head, adding folding screens, which I thought would give me some privacy, and also look nice.  I don't remember ever even mentioning these things to my mother.

One day, my parents gathered my sisters and I together to let us know that we were moving across the country.  I still remember my sisters crying, sad to leave our lifelong friends, and I distinctly remember, in that moment, I was instead wondering if I'd be able to decorate my new room.

I remember as a teen, probably about 15 years old, I was having a sleepover at a friend's home.  Her mother had a pile of wallpaper books, and was trying to make a selection.  I spent some time looking at the books later that evening, and showed her my favorite paper.  The next time I was at their home, I was surprised to see that my favorite paper was now up on the wall.  My friend's mother told me that she had liked my suggestion, and decided to use it.  I still recall the feeling of shock and pride that she had taken the suggestion of such a young girl.

During college I was a home appraiser.  After working as an appraiser for about a year, I got to the point where I really felt like I "got it."  I felt like when I finished the appraisal- the value was right on.  I did not find it to be subjective or questionable.  It's like it all clicked, and I knew the value was truly the value.  I have found that interior design is more complicated than home appraising, but after 15 years of working experience - I feel like I finally "get it."  I can look at a room and tell you what it needs.  I no longer find it to be subjective or questionable.  

Today, I am an interior designer, and mother of four.  I got my degree in Interior Design at BYU.   After graduation, I worked as a designer in the LA area for about 5 years.  It was there that I met my husband and got married.  We moved to Northern California in 2001.  Here I started my own interior design business, and also started my family.  We now have four children, ages 6,8,10, and 12. 

In this blog- I give free advice.  If you were to hire me as a consultant- I charge $150/ hour- but on this blog- it is free.  If you would like to be on my blog, and get some interior design help- send me your questions.  Make them concise.   If you are too wordy- I might never feel like I have enough time to get to your e-mail.  (Did I mention that I have both a job and four kids?  And they have soccer and dance and baton twirling and girl scouts?)   Also send me pictures of your room.  Send them as jpeg attachments.   I always want pictures.   E-mail inquiries to:

My thanks to everyone that writes in- you give me content- and I appreciate it.  FYI- I get many requests- and can't respond to them all.  If yours does not get a response- send another- make it more concise- (not about your entire house- maybe just one room- or one issue)  and I will try to get to it.  Your questions can also be general- simple questions, rather than specific questions about your home.  I also love it when people send me videos. 

What started out as an interest, for me, has turned into a passion.  It is a part of me.  Thank you for letting me share a part of me with you.