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DWC E-Design


DWC E-Design is a DIY program that will give you the beautiful sophisticated look of a professionally designed job- with a little help from- you.  Included in your design will be: a furniture plan, elevation drawings, complete shopping list, fabric, flooring and paint samples, and clear, thorough instructions to ensure a beautiful project.



How does it work?


You send digital photos of your space, as well as complete measurements.  (I'll help you know what to measure.) To get an idea of your needs, I will have you fill out a questionnaire.  I also want to know your style, so I will have you include inspiration photos from magazines and the internet.


Price List:


Bathrooms                   $1100

Living Rooms               $1650

Family Rooms              $1650

Bedrooms                    $1500

Dining Rooms               $1500

Kitchens                       $2500

Home Office                 $1400

Hallways                      $650

Entry                            $700


Full Color Perspective Drawing: $500 

Computer Rendering: $700


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Christine for more information.

skype consulting

If you are hoping for something simpler, I also do skype consulting, $150/ session.  This includes some preliminary work by me, as well as a consult lasting approximately one hour.  This would be for one room.