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Modern Family Roman Shades

Hi Christine,

I am a huge fan of Modern Family, especially the interior design of Phil and Claire's house.  I have been trying to find Roman shades like the red striped ones in their kitchen/dining area.  I've looked all over, but can't find that pattern (or anything similar).  Any suggestions?

Thank you!



Hi Rachel,

They are probably an old color of Pottery Barn.  It is not current- today they are doing grays, but when the show started, it very likely was available.  I think the entire home came out of one shopping trip to Pottery Barn.

With that said, I found you something very similar:

This Roman shade above is available through Smith and Noble.  You can also get any Robert Allen fabric (like the stripe below) made into a Roman Shade through The Shade Store, or any shop that sells Robert Allen.

There are not a lot of printed Roman Shade fabrics out there that aren't custom made.  For fabric selections and size options, I almost always end up with custom made, then your options are nearly limitless.  Our windows in California are generally too large for pre-made shades.

I would love to hear of any sources that the rest of you know of.  If you wanted to order fabric Roman shades, where would you go?



The Dunphy's Paint Color



I love the color of the kitchen cabinets in the Dunphy home on Modern Family.  I am in the process of painting my kitchen/family room and kitchen cabinets.  Can you tell me what color the cabinets are?  I would be using Benjamin Moore.


Thank you.

- Lisa


Hi Lisa,

Do I know the paint color?  No.  But that doesn't matter, because paint looks SO different going from one home to another.  I frequently use a paint color in a client's home, love it, and consider using it in a future client's home.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Lighting is different, flooring is different, other decor is different.  It might be a starting point, if you are able to get a paint color name, but it should just be that, a starting point.  You still need sample quarts, and you need to consider it against your other surrounding surfaces. 

Lighting also makes a huge difference.  The amount of natural light, the types of artificial light...  a paint color can look totally different.  Lighting on a TV set will most definitely not be same as in your home.

With all of that said, I will ask my readers, does anyone happen to know the paint color of the Dunphy's cabinets? 

What do I think it looks like?  Sherwin Williams San Antonio Sage 7731.


Another Pottery Barn Sighting...


The interior design on the comedy Modern Family always stirs up a lot of "where can I find that..." questions.  I love to laugh when I find that more and more of their decor can be found at Pottery Barn.  The set designer there does some one stop shopping.  ;) 

On last week's episode, when Cam was in bed complaining about getting attention on "Mother's Day"- I spotted the Simone drapes from Pottery Barn. 

OK- so maybe none of you think it is funny- but I think it is.

BTW- see this link on the discussion page- a question about their home- and I don't know the answer.  I would have to see it- and I haven't noticed it on the show.  Perhaps just check out Pottery Barn's wooden wall decor...





Want Phil and Claire's Style?

I did a few posts a while back on the Modern Family houses. Since then I receive a lot of questions- recently- a reader asked what the fabric was on the drapes in this post.

My answer- I have no idea. there are hundreds- maybe thousands of fabric sources out there- that is truly a needle in a haystack kind of question. However- I will throw it out there for the rest of you- anyone seen this fabric? I did however- recognize the bedding- good old Pottery Barn. This family is supposed to represent the everyday quintessential family- with the smart kid, the rebellious kid and the weird kid. By extension- their home is the everyday home- which- in today's world- is the Pottery Barn home. It is not amazingly creative interior design- it is point and click Pottery Barn. Don't' get me wrong- I don't dislike Pottery Barn. I personally have a number of Pottery Barn items. I am just telling you that if you want this look- you don't need to search and search- just go to the mall.

Today I received another request- this time for the paint color in Claire and Phil's kitchen. Just to clarify- I am not the designer on this job. I have no idea what the paint color is on the cabinets- or in their living room- or where they got their sofa- (although I swear those striped pillows were a Pottery Barn pillow- although it is not a current pattern) or the brand on their kitchen set.... (although I think it looks like this one from Pottery Barn. I don't know where the chair in the living room is from- but I bet if I had an old Pottery Barn catalog- I could find it.

I am just a designer that blogged about the project- not the set designer. So- anyway- this is a topic of great curiosity- so if anyone knows the set designer- please ask him for the specs on the job- so everyone can have them. :)
So- anyone have the set designer's #?- I would be happy to give him/her a call and answer all of your questions. In the mean time- go shop at Pottery Barn if you want your house to look like this.


Modern Family Part III

Catch up with the Modern Family posts here and here. I did the first two posts and then never got to our favorite gay guy's place. I am not quite as crazy about their home. Although- who could not love the mural on the wall in the nursery?

Their wall color is so very common and predictable.

Look how short their baseboards are! From the outside- it looks like a fabulous home- but it is pretty normal inside.

Plain white cabinets. A little valance in the window... See- I'm bored.

The drapes tied back... They look cheap to me. Do you see now why I never got to this post?

Hey look- a sconce- they are trying to redeem themselves a bit!

This episode really did make me laugh out loud.

They have some cool art- and I like that green lamp... but overall- I find it so uninteresting. I know this is stereotyping- but I think the gay guys should have a cooler style.

It is right out of a subdivision- decorated from a catalog- with the most common paint colors available.

What do you think? Anyone agree? Disagree?