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Wallpaper Wednesday- Where is dad's atlas?

If only my children's bedroom had three sets of beautiful French doors- I could make their room look as good.  Let me tell you what makes this wallpapering work.  The room is such that there is a limited amount of wall space.  If you have a 12 x 13 rectangular bedroom with one window and a closet- it won't have the same effect.   Look how the headboards are essentially built-in wainscotting.  You could absolutely take a simple room- put your bed/ beds on a good clean wall- break up the wall with similar headboards and then finish off with the destroyed atlas.  I like it.


Photo from sailor taylor.


Wallpaper Wednesday - Personalized Paper

Who needs a magazine in the bathroom, when you have photos from your family vacations?  Such is the case in the bathroom above, decorated for a client by Bunny Williams. 


I don"t know if it is healthy humility or perhaps I am just not that pretty, but I dont' think I would want myself all over the wall...  what would you think of a bathroom with pictures of you throughout?  Designer Susan Forristal had a poster of client, Candace Bushnell papered though her powder room.  I admit, I had to look up who Candace Bushnell was, although big Sex and the City fans already know that she is the author of a column, by the same name, that was the inspiration for the show. 

What do you think?  Anyone out there ready to have some custom wallpaper made?  Check out the paper that a dad made for his son's room.  They like to go to Formula One races together, and took a digital  photo that he had taken on one of their trips and turned it into wallpaper for the child's wall.  For more details- see here

I also found this site that will do it for you.  (if you don't have the geek gene).

Top two photos from Elle Decor.


Wallpaper Wednesday


I wanted to showcase Dwell Studio's children's line for wallpaper Wednesday today.  I love their fresh modern look. 


What do you think?  The ever-popular owl makes an appearance here.

 These are some decals- they reminded me of The Land of Nod's racing decals.  But with more of a general traffic theme.


What do you think?  Anyone want to wallpaper their children's room?


What to do with extra wallpaper...

Hi Christine,

I recently had wallpaper installed in the powder room! You said to start small so I did, and I love it!! But: I did end up with an entire double roll leftover which I can not return anymore...Any ideas on what to do with it? I don't want to paper another room in the same paper so it can be unique to the powder room but I hate to see anything going to waste, especially since I love the pattern...


Hi Sonia,

First of all- may I say that we want to see the bathroom! Before and after pictures please :)!

So- what to do with the leftover? When I was young, my grandmother used old wallpaper for gift wrapping. I remember unwrapping the thick heavy paper. I am sure I never appreciated how cool it was at the time.

I did a little hunting- combined with a little thinking- and here are some ideas for you: First of all- I found this great post from the decorologist- (photo above)- that had some charming ideas.

I found this seller on Etsy that covered light switch plates in vintage wallpaper. The same seller covers drum shades- (you could even do smaller chandelier shades)- and also tissue holders.

These vintage wallpapers made great frames- from Kate Jones Unique Finds.

Southern Living September 2009 had this article on framed wallpaper. This is also a good way to use wallpaper in an old discontinued book- or you can order large samples from a lot of books for $5 each- and select a variety of patterns for a similar collage.

I found this Cheerio box garbage can idea on this cute craft blog.

Some other thoughts:

  1. cover boxes of any kind.

  2. line the bottom of trays

  3. re-cover old books

  4. cover soup cans to make pencil holders

  5. cover bookshelves- or any wall shelf

  6. line your drawers

  7. Mod Podge a piece of furniture- or part of a piece

  8. make greeting cards

  9. use the paper in scrapbooking

So- anyone else have some ideas we can add to the list? I have said before- that I am not the handy crafty type- rather the hire the right person for the job type- but I am a little inspired to Mod Podge a piece of furniture! I wonder if the inspiration will last long enough to actually do it...?

You might also find that there is a re-sale market for extra wallpaper- if you aren't the craft- making type- but have the paper- sell it to someone who is.


Wallpaper Wednesday- Subtlety

I love the subtlety of this paper- The pattern that the wallpaper gives to the wall finishes the room in a way that no paint color could. The subtlety of the effect is truly understated beauty.

Photo: the little book of secrets

I thought this combination of wallpaper and plate collage was a charming combination. The neutral plaid paper adds a pattern, enhancing the provincial feel- without overpowering the room and wall decor.

photo: it's mary ruffle