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Less Really is More


For anyone who still thinks (after this post) the best way to have a beautiful red bedroom is by painting the walls red- I thought I'd show you this great bedroom I found on Home and Garden.  What a fantastic throw. 


The Rug that Changed Everything

Hello Christine,
I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and appreciate your straight forward advice.
My sweet husband surprised me with a Turkish rug for Valentine's day. Actually I was quite horrified that he'd make a purchase like that without my approval! But, I'm trying to let go and make it work in our bedroom that I was in the middle of re-decorating. I'm so lost. The rug has a very fancy design and I'd like another pattern or color but don't how to make them work together.
So, could you please give me some advice? Curtains & Throw Pillows - What color or pattern? And any other suggestions.
I don't even know if I can turn this room around or not. It's really thrown me for a loop. However, the rug feels AMAZING under my feet :)




You need to have a careful talk with you husband.  One of those genius conversations where you go away with him not being offended- and yet he understands that he is never to do this type of thing again.  Good luck.  ;-)

Power up the pattern.  This example is just like one that I had in a recent post where the patterned rug was not fitting into the room, simply because the room didn't have enough other strong patterns to balance it. 

Go with patterned bedding.  The one above is from Martha Stewart. 

Replace the wrought iron over your bed with a piece of art work that brings in more color.  Bring the eye up to the focal point- which should be your headboard area.  This piece is from Uttermost.

Your nightstands are too small, as are your lamps.  Replace your night stands with some Bombay chests, and get some lamps that are closer to 36 inches in height.

I like it when the lamp shade contrasts in color with the wall color.

Add more balance to your pattern with patterned drapes.  These are from Horchow.  A heavier color will also help. 

Replace your contemporary ceiling fan with a beautiful chandelier.  This will really change the mood of the room. 

After that all you need to do is replace your carpet with wood floors and then change your wall color.  Your husband will be thrilled to find out that the rug made you replace nearly everything in the room.  Perhaps it was a little more generous gift than he thought.  ;-)


Design Tension

This post is in response to a comment from this post.



Great advice as always. :)

I have a question about the rug and sofa. When you say they are disconnected in style do you mean that the rug is traditional and the sofa is contemporary? I've been hearing a lot of talk lately about design tension and I thought it meant that you can mix styles to create this tension. What is design tension and how do we do it correctly?


- Mary

Hi Mary,

Design Tension is the feeling of harmony that comes from the the use of opposing styles.  Take a look at the bedroom above.  The wall decor, light fixtures, crisp walls and bright flooring and bedding are all very very contemporary- perhaps even modern.  The furniture, on the other hand is extremely traditional.  The caning and turns are historically nothing that would be paired with such a modern interior.  Who can deny, however, that they are the perfect addition to the room.  A more contemporary bed would have been predictable, and certainly have less impact than the beautiful tension that you feel with this very unexpected choice.  This is design tension. 


The use of extremes is always present in a successful use of design tension.  The rug and sofas at the top of the post are indeed different styles, the rug is quite traditional, the sofas are more contemporary.  There is no color connection, or style connection.  And whereas the styles are different, they are just a little bit different- not the use of extremes that create what would be considered design tension.  (in a good way.  ;) 

How do you use design tension correctly?  It is actually pretty difficult for the average joe to pull this look off, and yet for some, the instinct comes so naturally.  It is one of those elements of interior design, where if it does not come naturally, perhaps you could copy a professional, like in the photo above from Veranda. 


If you haven't voted- check out this post.


- Thanks for the good question!

- Christine


Wallpaper Wednesday- Where is dad's atlas?

If only my children's bedroom had three sets of beautiful French doors- I could make their room look as good.  Let me tell you what makes this wallpapering work.  The room is such that there is a limited amount of wall space.  If you have a 12 x 13 rectangular bedroom with one window and a closet- it won't have the same effect.   Look how the headboards are essentially built-in wainscotting.  You could absolutely take a simple room- put your bed/ beds on a good clean wall- break up the wall with similar headboards and then finish off with the destroyed atlas.  I like it.


Photo from sailor taylor.


White Walls #1

I am on a mission to lighten up some dirty paint colors.  I  want to show you the beauty of lighter and brighter.


Photo from Classy in the City