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Rebecca's Exterior


I found your blog and immediately fell in love with your advice.  
I need help deciding how to finish up the brick and also paint colors for the house and trim. What to do?  Dark trim, white trim, the trendy gray house?  Or what do you think?
I attached some pictures of the current “mess” of a house right now!  I’m hoping you can save my sanity and help me fix it with a beautiful house color and trim.  
I’d also like your opinion on the brick.  If I need to expose more of it or leave it mostly white. I added a “German smear” to the brick to cover up the awful colors that if was… Anyway…  I am in desperate need of some color suggestions for the house.  I’d like to get it painted ASAP!  

Thank you thank you thank you!
Can’t wait to hear what you think, Rebecca



Hi Rebecca, 

I will answer this one very quickly for you. I'd paint the house white. I'd select a color that blends in with the brick, to minimize the contrast.  I'd keep your brick like you have it.  I'd add supports under your eves (like in the photo below)  for added charm, and I'd add black details.



Black can come in in house numbers, sconces, mail box, seating, and a hanging lantern in the outside entry.


Your house has that cute modern farmhouse look and with a few more details I think it would look fantastic.  For more ideas, simply Google the phrase "white modern farmhouse".


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